It's safe to buy USFIV for the PS4 now

Upon its release, Ultra Street Fighter IV for the PlayStation 4 was sort of broken. Since then, however, it's been much improved. I can say with confidence that it's now more than worth a purchase, and that you should get it immediately.

In the video below, I discuss the PS4 port's initial flaws and how they have been improved. My intention was to create a direct comparison video between 1.00 and 1.04, but replay playback compatibility between versions prevented that. Instead, I paired matchups that took place on the same stage. Between PS4 capture and YouTube quality, it may be hard to tell a difference, so please trust me when I say that it's significant.

Anyway, hats off to those working on this release. It's quickly becoming the definitive version that it was said to be.

Ultra Street Fighter IV PS4 Version 1.04 Released

The PlayStation 4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV has been updated to version 1.04, and it brings significant visual improvements as well as other fixes.

Hats off to the team that has been updating the PS4 version of USFIV. It has become an incredible port, and I hope more people will adopt this version as their main.

Street Fighter V - New Images

New SFV images show a new stage, set in London. The new UI, as it currently appears, also includes Stun, V-Trigger, V-Reversal, and EX/CA gauges.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Hits PlayStation 4 Tomorrow

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 tomorrow, May 26, 2015. It will be available as a digital download, at the low price of $24.99, and will include all previous DLC.

The port was done by Other Ocean Interactive. They have eliminated the input lag present in the PS3 version and it will be running at 1080p/60fps. Thanks to the kind people over at Lab Zero, PS3 arcade sticks will be supported the same way they are in Mortal Kombat X.

NYU Spring Fighter 2014 Registration Open

Registration has opened for NYU's annual Spring Fighter tournament. It will take place June 6-7, and registration for all games is free.

This year Spring Fighter is expanding! In addition to the free tournaments for Super Street Fighter IV and Marvel vs Capcom, there will also be tournaments for BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma, Super Smash Bros Melee, Super Smash Bros Brawl and Project M. Plus, get in on the indie esports action with Killer Queen, BaraBariBall, and more.

Seth Killian is returning this year to interview another legend of the fighting game community: Alex Valle. You can check out his conversation with Daigo Umehara from last year here

Register here for each game. Tournament fees will be collected for Smash games on-site. Spectators are welcome!

Super Arcade Renovation Kickstarter

Super Arcade owner, Mike Watson, has started a kickstarter campaign to modernize Super Arcade. He plans to bring the old-school concept of arcades into the modern age. Changes will include a membership system, renovated space with a rock concert ambiance, a dynamic website, and more. For full details, and to support, be sure to visit the kickstarter page.

USFIV Fifth Character Prediction

With Capcom rumored to announce the fifth and final new Ultra Street Fighter IV character at Final Round tonight, I thought I'd make a quick prediction post about it.

I think the fifth character is going to be Jianyu, the Shadaloo Doll. She seems to fit all of the confirmed and rumored criteria; clone of another character, female, hasn't appeared in a Street Fighter game but exists in its universe, and fits when you spell the word HYPER (as Yianyu) with the first letter of each new character's name (Hugo Yianyu Poison Elena Rolento).

It was also said that players will not be happy with the new character at first, since she will appear to be too strong, or cheap, but that would change in time. Considering Yanyiu uses a weapon, and is presumably quick, I can see how that would make sense. Imagine she was a clone of Cammy, but with a weapon? Yikes. 

Be sure to watch Final Round through to the end to catch the announcement!

UPDATE: I was wrong, but close. As everybody knows by now, the fifth character is Decapre.

Hadouken Cabs Viral PS4 Video and Website Emerge

There's a video going around, entitled Hadouken Cabs, that flashes a Dual Shock 4 as well as "#4theplayers" towards the end. The license plate on the cab reads "PS1994." The original PlayStation was released in 1994. The phone number in the video is the release date of the original Street Fighter arcade cabinet, August 30, 1987. A website has also been set up for this "taxi service," with a clip that includes SFIV audio, so it isn't entirely SFII related. What does this all mean? USFIV on PS4? SFV? Could "Cabs" refer to cabinets, as in arcade cabinets? PS4 arcade stick incoming? Virtual Arcade? Perhaps we will find out at the PlayStation All Access event on November 14th.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Update

Some new info about USFIV has just been released! 

 New System #1: Ultra Combo Double!

Before the match starts you’re able to choose between your Ultra I and Ultra II combos. In Ultra we’ve added a third option, “Ultra Combo Double.” As the name suggests, once you’ve built up your revenge gauge you’ll be able to use either Ultra combo! The downside to this is that the Ultra will do less damage than it normally does.

Here’s a screenshot of your Revenge Gauge when you’ve selected the Dual Ultra Combo option.(Why the “W” you may ask? Well, doesn’t a “W” sound a lot like “double?” …No? Well, we’re working on it!)

Having both Ultras available will give you new ways to press your opponent, limit their options, and expand your fighting strategies.


New System #2: Red Focus Attack

This is a feature that strengthens the Focus Attack system.

It uses up Super meter, but can absorb multiple attacks. Since it uses meter you’ll have to put some careful thought into how you use it. As the name implies you can distinguish it by its red glow. Just like the regular Focus Attack, the Red Focus Attack can also be dash canceled.

Our vision is that Dual Ultra Combos will give you more offensive options, while the Red Focus Attack will give you more defensive options.

Can you think of how these system changes will affect things for the current 39 characters? And that’s not even taking into account the new characters! Things are about to get interesting!

I’ll be releasing more details about the new systems on this blog and the official site so be sure to keep checking in.

But before I wrap things up for this week’s entry, I’d like to show you the finished poster for the arcade version of Ultra SFIV.

We’ve got the main character, Ryu, at the forefront and a mix of new and old characters behind him. The lightning strikes gives you the feeling that an “Ultra” fight is about to take place!

Well that’s my Ultra SFIV news for this week. Hopefully I can bring you more new info in the near future!


Finally, a video demonstration of the changes: 

Zaid Tabani (Redrapper) Releases Limbo EP

Zaid Tabani (formerly known as Redrapper) has just released his new album, entitled Limbo EP.  I'm very excited to hear this, as I've been a fan of Zaid's for quite a few years. The album weighs in at 18 tracks, and is executively produced by Dillon Hulse. You can pick it up here for only $7.

The LIMBO EP is my first commercial EP iTunes release thing following my mixtape ("Bury the Body, Bag the Head") released in 2010. 

The EP contains music recorded from 2012-2013, with songs like "Live and Direct", "Risk" and "Prime"(featured on the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Soundtrack as well as the "Socal Regionals 2013 Trailer".) A lot of the EP was me stepping back in to just go in and get some shit done. It was just this spontaneous moment in time where I just wanted to write and step in and record whatever I could. I just wanted to make some really good music, and so I found whatever I could to throw right in there. 

I'm happy with the result. It's got a lot of hype in it, some really great production by everybody involved, and a lot of passion that I threw in whenever a mic was in front of me. Check it out, and let me know what you think. Hell, the things only 7 bucks .

Track List:
01. Black and White(Produced by Dillon Hulse)
02. Live and Direct(Produced by Oskar Mike)
03. Move(Produced by Loren Riley)
04. Chapman University(Skit)[featuring Keith Carrey]
05. Ignorance is Bliss(Produced by Vherbal)
06. Limbo[Feat. Kana](Produced by Scarebeatz)
07. A View From The Top(Produced by Vherbal)
08. Prime(Produced by Dillon Hulse)
09. Where I'll Go[Feat. Kana](Produced by Anno Domini)
10. Beautiful People in 2013(Produced by Vherbal)
11. Famine(Feat. Shizza)[Produced by Vherbal]
12. Parker(Produced by Dillon Hulse)
13. Cross The Line(SFxT EVO 2012 Intro)[Produced by Dillon Hulse]
14. Rhyme Academy(Feat. Ryu Black)[Produced by Vherbal]
15. An Education(Produced by 2Deep)
16. Optimistic(Produced by Vherbal)
17. Risk(Produced by VTZ)
18. Epitaph(Produced by Anno Domini, Scarebeatz)

To accompany the new album, Zaid has recently released a music video for his new single "Live and Direct." Check it out below!

How to WIN Fighting Games by Geoff The Hero

Geoff the Hero has uploaded part 1 of a new series entitled How to WIN Fighting Games. The first part covers frame data, frame advantage, frame traps and features a pretty cute Cammy cosplayer in the preview image. Though Geoff can be a super troll, one of the best actually, he also knows what he's talking about so definitely check this out!